CORRUPTION in Brooklyn Housing Court 



I want to tell about unprecedented corruption in Brooklyn Housing Court.

I faced many times with unprecedented corruption, tremendous injustice and absolutely illegal acts and decisions in Brooklyn Housing Court.


I had 5 cases there.

At least 6 Judges made absolutely illegal decisions and demonstrated misconduct in my 4 cases.

Judges made decisions defying all the laws.

They wrote falsehood, falsism, obvious conspicuous lie in decisions.

My proofs, facts and evidences was not even considered and even was not mentioned in decision, my words during trial was distorted in After Trial Decision.

My Written Answer and Counterclaim was not accepted at all in many cases.

I requested inspection of apartment in all cases and my requests was always denied.

Judges didn't allow me to say anything at all, many times they didn't allow me to finish even first phrase and made decision against me.

Sometimes Judge even didn't see me and made decision.


I have now extremly hard awful emergency situation becouse of the fault of corrupted judges.


I'll tell now about 2 most corrupted judges.


Judges Marcia Sikowitz and Bruce E. Scheckowitz made absolutely illegal, unfair and even absurd decisions, wrote falsehood and falsification in my previous cases and in present case.


At my current case I was scheduled for traverse hearing on 02/28/2013, because I was not served by Petition and Notice of Petition ( landlord even had stolen Court's postcard from my mailbox with criminal intention don't allow me to know what he filed Claim and put it back on mailbox only when police forced him).

But at 02/28/2013 another Judge, Marcia Sikowitz canceled traverse hearing. She said absurd statement that I must have proof what I didn't receive Notice of Petition, while law require that landlord must present proof of service: Affidavit of Service and Certificate of Mailing.

How can somebody prove that he didn't receive letter?

Proof of mailing can be Certificate of Mailing, what can be proof of not mailing? She set absurd and illegal requirement.


She said also lie that trial was adjourned 3 times while trial was not scheduled at all and could not be scheduled yet because it was only second Court date in this case.

When I said this to her, she wrote in decision falsehood that trial was adjourned 2 times.

She denied also my request for inspection.

I could not have trial at same day because there was no inspection yet and because I prepared for traverse hearing, not for trial and because I was very sick because of terrible inhuman conditions in apartment: no air (all windows are broken and can not be opened at all), no heat, no hot water and 12 another defects.

So default judgment was entered against me and I can be evicted in nearest days,

suddenly, without trial and when I am very sick, have a lot of hard illnesses and have very hard situation and have no another place to stay.


Usually cases last many months and even years ( I had look at Court website), there are a lot of adjournments, for few months each, in my cases I had no any adjournments at all even when I was very sick and had another good reasons to adjourn, or had only few days, all my requests was denied and decision to evict was made every time very quickly.


I filed Order to Show Cause and at that time fortunately there was honorable Judge, he signed it and I was scheduled for hearing.

But I got hypertensive stroke. I was in critical condition (almost died) and absolutely could not come on hearing.

Marcia Sikowitz made Default Judgment for landlord again.

I have 2 letters from Cardiologist with 5 diagnosis ( I had visited cardiologist twice during last week) and letter from Physician with 10 diagnosis.

But when I filed Order to Show Cause again, Judge Bruce E. Scheckowitz denied. He even didn't call me, didn't see me and didn't look at letters.

Instead of Judge landlord's lawyer told to me, look at my doctor's letters, said that they are old, dates of letters are 03/19/2013 and 03/21/2013, and missed Court date was 03/19/2013, said that landlord don't need register apt with HPD (I had read the Law). Then landlord's lawyer told to Judge ex-parte without me and then interpreter gave to me Decision: deny. I was not called by Judge Bruce E. Scheckowitz.

Actually not Judge but landlord's lawyer decided my case instead of Judge.


They traduce, flout, tromp, scorn not only of me, but of the Law and Justice also. 

I believe that nobody can be allowed to make parody of Justice. 


Bruce Scheckowitz denied when I had the most essoign, most good, valid reason. I didn't expect this even in this Court and I am in very big stun, shock and distress now.

After this police officer which was on hearing ( he didn't say his name, I asked twice) didn't allow me to go to Appeal Court in same building and to go anywhere in Court at all and forcibly escorted me from Court building.


In my previous case Judge Bruce E. Scheckowitz said on Trial that he have no player

to play audio records with landlord's threats and permanent unusual intolerable noise in apt. I had made copies of this audio records from voice recorder to CD for the Court, because voice recorder is not allowed in Court building, and CD can be played on any computer.

In After Trial Decision he wrote a lot of falsehood, distorted my words, even didn't mention my proofs and evidences.

Before Trial he didn't allow to submit Written Answer and Counterclaim and denied my request for inspection.


I got hypertensive stroke just after very stressful day in Brooklyn Housing Court and because of inhuman conditions in apt. And now when I am very sick after stroke and very upset after received just yesterday very bad news and very bad results of tests from my doctor which indicate diabetes and another severe illnesses and I had again unprecedented stresses in Court because of such unprecedented injustice.

They made big damage to my health.

I got spinal column injury when was trying to open broken windows and got illness

of heart because of lack of air in apt and got another hard illnesses, damages and losses because of conditions in apt and because of terrible harassment of landlord and his numerous relatives.

I filed Counterclaim for compensation but Marcia Sikowitz excluded it from case.


Apt even is not registered with HPD so landlord collected rent illegally and not only can not require rent but must return illegally collected rent.

Landlord didn't register apartment with HPD, collected rent illegally, didn't pay taxes (I have proofs), indicate in tax documents that his son live in this apt and so he don't collect rent, made fraud, made illegal conversions, a lot of violations and fabrications, and now he want to evict me in order to avoid responsibility for his crimes.

And Judge Marcia Sikowitz help him in his illegal acts, make illegal decisions in his favor.


Landlord stated that he work at Metropolitan Opera as tailor.

I was very surprised that Metropolitan Opera has such criminal employes.


Judge Marcia Sikowitz made also illegal and even absurd decisions, injustice and misconduct in one of my previous cases.

She had also many times ex-parte communications with landlord's lawyer Scott D Gross in this case and landlord's lawyer in previous case.


I didn't have lawyer in all my 4 cases in Housing Court and didn't pay money to Housing Court's lawyers, landlords paid and all of landlord's lawyers are a part of Housing Court community.

Landlord pay to Housing Court's lawyers and then lawyer share this money.

I believe that it was a main reason why I lost all my housing cases even when I had very strong proofs and defenses and all the reasons to win and even despite what I had studied and know a lot of Housing Court procedures and rules (when I didn't know it housing clerks and even Judges deceived me).


I lived in terrible apartments with dangerous for life conditions, in which nobody else lived: in basement with toxic gas from boiler, with flooding by canalization every night, with 40-50 degrees in apt during whole winter, with intolerable unusual permanent noise (not simply noise)....., had unprecedented torments, got big damages to health.

And nobody in Court even wanted to listen me.


Many people at Brooklyn Housing Courts told to me also that they faced many times with corruption, injustice and illegal decisions from many Judges, especially from Marcia Sikowitz and that there was filed a lot of complaints about this Judge.

They told also that they filed complaints to Supervising Judge of Brooklyn Housing Court, but had no result.

I also filed complaint to Supervising Judge in 2011 regarding one of my previous case ( there was another Supervising Judge at that time ) but had no result.   

I am going to file complain now to new Supervising Judge and then will tell here about results if any. 


Now they deny me even in my right for Trial.

They want to evict me not only illegally but urgently and I even have no time to find another apt. Every time when I was looking for apt I made 4,000-5,000 calls on advertisements, spent hundreds hours and could not find.

I have no another place to stay, have no relatives, have no income and proof of income to rent another apt, only SSI which is less than rent of any apt.


I am waiting for subsidized apt from New York City Housing Authority 9 years, I have emergency category, submitted letters from doctors, called and had visited NYCHA many times and didn't receive any proposal or even any answer at all.


I have severe illnesses and injuries which I got because of the fault of New York City Agencies in the Tragedy of September, 2008.

 I had big tragedy in which I got disability and which destroyed my life. This tragedy was made by NYC authorities and I even didn't get any compensation from New York City.

I worked as a scientist-physicist in Academy of Sciences of Russia when lived in Moscow.

After this tragedy I can not work and live on SSI and can not get medical treatment because it is not covered by Medicaid and can not find place to stay because only rent of any apt in NYC is more than all SSI.


I have also another hard problems and very hard situation right now.

I need a lot of medical treatments urgently.

Eviction, especially sudden eviction in this situation can kill me.


I have also 50 boxes with books, papers and documents, including documents from US Federal Court and Academy of Sciences of Russia,  which I can not take with me on street.


I prepaired for Trial a lot of facts, proofs and evidencies.

But they want to evict me without Trial and even don't give possibility to say anything in my defence.


I have also facts and documents regarding corruption, misconduct and illegal decisions of another Judges of Brooklyn Housing Court.

I filed recently Complaint to New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct but didn't get any result yet.


I have emergency situation now and my last hope is to appeal to public opinion.

I want to make famous to the whole World the facts of terrible corruption in Brooklyn Housing Court and another New York City agencies.

I sent this information in American and Russian newspapers, because I am not sure that American newspapers will publish this.


If you are interested please feel free to contact me by email:


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